Initiated (A look into Sorority Life)

Alright guys, who would’ve ever thought *I* would be a sorority girl? Not me for sure. But here I am, a Sigma Kappa sister in the ASU Theta Omicron chapter, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice!

I mean throughout High school I was in the marching band and stuck with a small group of friends within each organization I became a part of, but I was never one for parties or large groups of girlfriends. The college experience has changed me in more ways than I could’ve thought.

Since I received my bid after a long week or so of recruitment, I have been to a sisterhood retreat, a trampoline park date party, multiple chapter meetings, a philanthropic softball tournament, big/little reveal, founder’s day, and initiation. It’s been a wild couple months for sure.

For those of you who don’t know, most sororities have a system of “families” within their sisterhood. As new members are integrated into the weekly activities of the chapter, they meet with and get to know the initiated members. After a good month or so, new members find their families within the chapter through the big/little process.

We walked into our chapter room to find it packed full of presents and gifts, all from loving bigs surprising their littles. After two more days of gifts partnered with clues to help new members figure out who their big is, we arrived at big/little reveal. It was nerve-racking to run out and find your new family, the sisters that will always be by your side. I had made a special bond with my big, Jessica, and I just knew it *had* to be her. After our reunion with my new “Shark Fam”, we all went to Oregano’s and not only did I gain a big, but I got a grandbig, an aunt, a few cousins, and a twin!

I know. It sounds very confusing. Trust me. It’s actually amazing.

And now, just a week or so after big/little reveal, it’s the 2017 Fall Semester Pledge Class’s Initiation Day! The Initiation process is sacred, and so are the secrets shared during the ritual, so I can’t share much. But I can say that I’m proud to be a Sigma Kappa sister and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in this sisterhood!





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