Quick Update on Life as a Sun Devil

Alright listen up, I know this blog is literally titled “Blogging Through College” but gosh dangit it’s hard to blog through college guys.

I’m finishing up my 9th week in my first semester of college and life has been insane.

Below are my first semester classes, all of which were requirements for my major.

  • CIS236 Honors Information Systems
    • A computer information systems class involving business processes and the technology behind forming a business. This class honestly scared me at first, it was my first honors class and it was on computers, WHAT?! I didn’t know anything about computers and of course, I have a quiz on reading before I even have my first day of class. But after a week or so I learned to love this class and the professor instructing the 30 of us. He yells, jumps, and curses us out all with laughter bubbling in the room. This has to be my favorite class of the semester by far.
  • HON171 The Human Event
    • A required course for all Barrett Honors students, it’s really just a combination of philosophy and English. The class is entirely discussion-based with three essays per semester, and while I do enjoy the discussion and interaction, I don’t necessarily enjoy it as much as I had hoped I would.
  • MAT117 College Algebra
    • This class honestly makes me feel stupid. It’s a completely online class with required computer lab attendance. I barely even talk to the professor. If I had known the class was going to be a hybrid-online-course, I would’ve never signed up.
  • PSY101 Introduction to Psychology
    • Okay listen up, this professor is crazy. He puts up a live stream of giant pandas before class starts, admits he gets drunk the night before lecture, cancels *all* Thursday class attendance, and signs all of his emails with “Your Pal Steve.”
  • SOC101 Introductory Sociology
    • So I share this lecture session with one of my roommates and I wouldn’t be able to survive in here without her. Our professor talks in such a monotone way, it’s hard to focus and stay focused in this lecture of 400 people.
  • WPC101 Student Success in Business
    • WPC101 is a Mandatory Intro to Business class for every W. P. Carey student on campus. We’ve gone over available course options for next semester and created a business entrepreneurship challenge in the past weeks, it’s a very nice introduction into the business world, I feel like we’re well supported within ASU’s school of business.

Apart from academic interests, I’m now a member of ASU’s Sigma Kappa Theta Omicron chapter! It’s been an amazing journey finding a group of girls I can relate to and find my role in. Knowing myself and knowing how I interact with others, it was really an interesting decision for me to rush into the Panhellenic community. I’ve never been a *very* social person, in other words, I would rather sit and chill in bed than go out to a party and hang out with a large group of girls. But I’m extending my limits and encouraging myself to socialize more with people. It’s proven to be a difficult process but I think I’m getting there! This past week has been SK’s philanthropy week, We hosted multiple percentage nights along with a grill-out and a softball tournament. Next week is a huge week for Sig Kap though, I have something going on almost every day! There’s chapter, our weekly meetings, on Monday, big/little reveal on Wednesday, our second social of the year on Thursday, and a sisterhood pumpkin patch photo shoot on Friday! I’ve got a crazy week coming and I couldn’t be more excited!

So now that you’re all caught up for the most part, hopefully, I can maintain a schedule of some sort to post more than I have been. I would love to share my experiences as I go through my first semester of ASU, It’s just been such an insane transition that my blog got put on the back-burner. And maybe that’s the first tip of my college experience, know what you’re getting yourself into before it all becomes too much.

Can’t wait to tell you guys more!







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