A Letter to Mom on Move-in Day

Dear Mom,

You are my heart, my soul, and my hero. You are the first person I see in the morning and the last person I see at night. While I am so incredibly excited to be living on my own and making my own decisions, I’m still sad to wake up without you down the hall.

Moving in was stressful and heartbreaking, but it was refreshing to begin my new life as a college student with you by my side.

I know that you’ve been struggling with the idea of me leaving since the beginning of senior year, and I know I’ve been a complete a-hole to you about it, but I do it with love. Cause you see, if I succumb to the idea of you being upset then I will get upset and we both know that everything would go downhill if that happened. All those moments today when you would look at me and go “You’re not allowed to do that.” made me realize just how much both of our lives would change once you stepped off campus.

It’s now taken me about an hour to write this.

As a daughter who’s very close to her mother, this has been a difficult move for sure. And I’m trying to appeal to your English teacher origins by keeping this letter nice and proper but we both know I am anything but when I am around you. From quoting outdated vines to insulting each other across the dinner table, we have never been traditional. I like to look at our relationship as something much like the Weasley’s. They constantly nag and insult each other, but every movement and every word is uttered out of love.

And now that I finally got to posting on this dang blog, I hope you understand just how much I appreciate your love and support through this new stage in my life.

So thank you, I love you, and I’ll talk to you tonight.

Xoxo, Alexis


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