My Last Day

Alright, it’s been a little minute. If I’m being completely honest, I totally procrastinated writing motivational journal entries. (Which seems contradictory if you think about it too hard, so don’t think too much please.)

Anyways, if anyone has talked to me they know I loved my serving job at Johnny Rockets. It changed my perspective on life and communication with others.

IMG_9267I began my experience with the company as an insecure Junior in High School who started driving too late and couldn’t ask for ketchup without worrying about what the server was thinking about me. Looking back I see how insane that sounds, who the heck cares if you want ketchup or ranch or whatnot, eat your dang fries however you want Past Alexis! But Past Alexis didn’t understand that yet. Getting my first job in such a fun atmosphere made everything so much easier. And pretty soon, I had found a family that didn’t mind when I had a minor freak-out over forgetting to get a coke refill for a table. (Those overreactions went away after a good week.)

So as time went on, I extended my skills as a server. My confidence soared when I put that apron on and I could see the changes in how I communicated with those around me everyday. I knew how to ask others about themselves rather than focusing on myself and didn’t care so much what others thought of me. I understood the concept of “The customer is always right.” (But in all honesty, it really should be called “Let the customer think they are right so you can get a tip.”) I learned to make fun of myself on the job, stumbling over words and laughing about it with my tables. And I taught myself how to lead through communication, making sure those underneath you felt cared for and appreciated.

And now, with my move-in date into my dorm just days away, I’m finding myself thinking about my experiences with Johnny Rockets more and more. I’m looking forward to hopefully working on campus, and if I can serve then I will seize that opportunity. My first job helped me find my true passion, talking and sharing with others. You will not see me in a cubicle, I’ll be out and about, making a difference in people’s lives, one smile at a time. The people I’ve met through this wonderful year and a half are some of my favorite influencers on my life and how I live it. I’ll be back for holiday season, but goodbye for now Johnny Rockets, till next time.


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