Coming Home

After being away for almost a month, I’ve finally come home to the friends and family I love. While Massachusetts and New York were both so amazing, I really did miss Arizona and the triple digit heat it supplies.

But coming home means facing the reality of school coming closer and work taking up my time.

I mean my younger friends are starting band camp in a week and their next year at Campo in two! Pretty soon I’ll be moving out on my own without my long-time friends by my side. And as grateful as I am to not have to carry a 45 pound set of drums, I really do miss my years in our CVHS band program. So much has happened and it’s hard to move away from the times I had.

But as soon as I got home and unpacked, changing out of my cardigan and jeans (really what was my AZ native mind thinking???), I got my friend, Adam’s text reading:

“Katie wants you to come over rn, she said drop everything”


So I grabbed my wallet and ran out the door, driving the familiar route to my best friend’s house.


My friend Katie is one of the biggest inspirations in my life, even through a shocking discovery of a brain hemorrhage in the middle of senior year, she managed to graduate with the rest of her class just as strong as ever. I’m so beyond happy I was able to visit her as soon as I got home, I missed her so much. So Katie, Adam and I hung out until around 9:30 at night, such a perfect start to my time back home!


It just feels amazing to be home in the dry heat of AZ, after being away for so long I had no idea how much I would miss my hometown, the good old G-town.





But the adventure’s just starting. In only three weeks I’m moving out to be on my own.

The world’s gonna love the new Alexis.


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