New York City Day 2!

Day 2, my birthday!

Day 1 was filled with discovery and excitement, and day 2 was a blast, no surprise. We started out the rainy day with a nice breakfast at the 4T5 New York cafe. The rain was coming down in sheets and we were in the thick of it. Eventually I figured out that when you stand close to somebody you’re with, you tend to dump water from your umbrella all over them… sorry Mom-Mom.


After drying off in the hotel for a bit, we got ready to go to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. This was a very special visit to us because my great aunt Kathy was a flight attendant on the first plane, Flight 11. We went through the beautiful museum first and saw everything from the survivors steps, The steps survivors used to escape the North Tower, to artifacts found the day after, receipts, lists, ID cards, etc.

The museum was a terrifying emotional rollercoaster, there were videos and pictures of every instant during the horrific events on 9/11. I thought about the many museums one would visit and how they didn’t effect me as much and I came to the conclusion that 9/11 was such a turning point in American history. This was the first time that video and pictures were readily available to those who witnessed the crashes. There is hard evidence and eyewitness accounts. The museum hit me hard, not just because there was disturbing content and videos of suicides, injuries, and deaths, but because it hurt those around me in ways I’ll never understand.

Not only was my great aunt on Flight 11, but she was mentioned in calls from the other flight attendants on that plane. Kathleen Ann Nicosia was a brave soul whom I never had the opportunity to meet, but I learned so much about during my day at the memorial. My Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, Kathleen’s brother, were living in New York at the time and saw the smoke envelop the island. It was very hard to understand that the pain from that day comes back to them during visits such as these. I loved and respected the museum and memorial in the beautifully tragic way I could, and I felt the pain that America felt along with New York that catastrophic day in history.

After a quick lunch break, Mom-Mom and I made our way back to Times Square in a taxi. We spent some time in our room playing skip-bo and relaxing before we got ready again to head out and go see Wicked!Β The set was beautiful, the plot was fun and interesting, and the singing was spectacular! I was so in love with the Broadway play, it combined fairytales, humor, and romance all into one beautiful musical. It was such an amazing choice for my first New York play! I would definitely see it again if I had to, but I would want to see some others as well, I saw the marquees for Dear Evan Hansen, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hamilton, and Kinky Boots!

After Wicked, we made our way through the New York nightlife to Juniors, a popular diner near our hotel. we sat and had some salads and sandwiches while we chatted about the play and people-watched. It was an amazing end to an amazing birthday. Couldn’t have asked for more!

xoxo, Alexis


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