New York City Day 1!

Yes, I finally made it to New York!! It’s my first time here and it’s as crazy as I thought it would be.

Mom-Mom and I took the train from South Station in Boston to Penn Station… It was a rocky ride with one game of skip-bo followed by a two hour nap.

After we got settled into our hotel, we made our way over to the highly suggested “Ellen’s Stardust Diner.” The food was amazing and the singing was great too! I was serenaded by a Bieber lookalike and enjoyed a chocolate coke float. We learned that every worker hired has a music degree at some college or university, and all are broadway hopefuls. It was an amazing experience to see such talented people working to get to the top! We heard everything from Disney songs to Broadway show tunes, all while we had our late lunch in New York City.

After Ellen’s, we started walking around Times Square, it was so crowded. But as we walked I saw Radio City Music Hall and NBC Studios at Rockefeller Center! Now being an SNL, Office, Jimmy Fallon, etc. fan, I had to take a picture in front and check it out inside! Security was crazy cause the studios were upstairs but we had access to the gift shop inside, there was an up-to-scale judge’s chair from The Voice and so much Stefan and Dwight merchandise I know I’ll be back before the end of our trip!

So far, New York has been the best, I’m a city girl when I really want to be! I do miss home though, I know Sundae’s missing her mid-afternoon nap with me. I can’t wait to celebrate my eighteenth tomorrow with the 9/11 memorial and museum along with the 8:00 showing of Wicked!!! Can someone say best birthday ever?

xoxo, Alexis


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