Whenever I pack to go on vacation or a school trip, I just know I’m going to leave something at home. Whether it’s contact solution, hair supplies, or a phone charger, I’m always leaving something important at home.

While I don’t think I can give much advice about packing, I know that others have shared my experiences. But I’ve realized that going into college, I have to get better at keeping track of my stuff and making sure I have everything I need. It would be terrible to go to class and realize I don’t have my laptop or assigned reading.

But I guess thats what this blog is for, to help me keep my life in check as I approach the next part of my life.

I thought I was some big-shot in the world of high school seniors, but I’m just one of many trying to understand how to transition into adulthood while still maintaining the life I had.


I understand that some friendships weren’t built to last through high school and into college, I also get that these experiences were meant for high school. I can use the activities and friendships I had in the past four years to help me become a better version of myself the next four.

Because of high school I know how to ask others about their lives and how to be interested in the wellbeing of the friends around me.

Because of high school I know that being 5-10 minutes early is on time and being on time is late.

Because of high school, I understand that there will be others I’ll compare myself to, but no one can be better at being me.

High school taught me so much about myself, and I’m ready and prepared to learn so much more as I continue into my college career. College is a whole new life, one that you can’t create out of dreams. It’s going to take hard work but it’ll be done.



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