How to Get a Green Finger While Still Hitting the Books

Today, we took a trip to our local nursery for a sale on plants, flowers, and bushes. while there I got a good look at some of the flowers and took some pictures too.

While I never was a gardening expert, I’ve always wanted to take care of a plant and actually keep it alive for more than a few weeks. That’s why I started thinking about dorm-life and how I could bring some greens in there. I’ve always read about how having green plants in an office or study can improve focus and happiness. So, I researched a bit and found these awesome ideas for dorm decoration!

(All found on plants for dorm

I thought this one was so pretty, something that can sit on your desk as your write essays or maybe on your side table next to your bed… This particular plant is out of stock in Home Depot stores and online, but you can hopefully get your hands on one soon for around $18. It’s listed under “Aerium in 4.5 in. Standing Glass”.

plants for dorm 2

Now, since I’m an Arizona native, I’m prone to like the look of cacti and succulent plants more. While they come in cool shapes and colors, succulents also take very little water to keep healthy so while you can slack off a bit and miss a day or two, you also have to make sure you aren’t over-watering, that can do the same amount of damage to a plant. These are available online and in stores under “2.5 in. Assorted Grafted Cactus (3-Pack)” for only around $16! I’m definitely thinking about bringing these into my dorm to add some color.

plants for dorms 3


These were the other plants I was interested in, another group of succulents, but one’s that you can hang from your window instead. I love the look of hanging plants in houses and stores, and it would be great to add that addition to my college dorm. These are listed under “3.5 in. Assorted Succulent Hanging Basket (3-Pack)” and only cost about $18.


Hopefully, you can use my research to your advantage in order to find your next little green friend to keep by your side as you go through your first semester. And hey, if that one survives semester number one, maybe you get another one for the next semester! All I can think about is dorm decorations and this is just a small step towards finishing my plan for my room!

xoxo, Alexis


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