Beatriz At Dinner Review

Tonight, I went out with my grandparents to go see a movie at a dine-in theater. While the seats reclined and the stereo system boomed, the movie took a bit longer than most to completely understand. Beatriz At Dinner was advertised as a hard-hitting satire that poked fun at differences within society between races and classes.


Going into the movie, I knew it was described as “The first movie of the Trump-era”. So I knew pretty much what to expect. There was everything from insulting and racist remarks to an imagined murder. The film itself wasn’t so much entertaining as it was thought-provoking and strange.

Having just taken AP Literature and Composition, I looked at the film as a project, something I had to analyze to completely and fully understand. Most people nowadays don’t want to think about a movie, they just want to watch. As I watched, I thought it was amazing how well-thought and put-together the symbolism within the film turned out to be. There were examples of failed baptism within drownings to failed communion during meals, symbolizing the beginning of a new life and a difficult relationship between those dinning. While films and novels can be interpreted in multiple ways, this one hit me more than most. Beatriz At Dinner was brilliantly filmed, making the audience feel as uncomfortable as the main character. In my eyes, if a movie can take you into the story and make you feel something, they succeeded.

With society taking a turn for the worse with riots and protests, bombings and slander, it was only a short time until Hollywood took a stance. It’s sad to see the world digress to our judgmental beginnings, but it’s all we see on T.V. now. News reports show racist comments from politicians, those we should be looking up to. And the younger generation follows suit as judgement and hatred fill our hallways.

The world could really benefit from some kindness.

xoxo, Alexis


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